Today we’re taking you to the place where everyone knows your name – the local pub. Well. To be honest, few will know your name and it’s a computer simulation of a pub. Okay. We won’t try to mislead you. No one will know your name.

Accurately serving rickety beer and anemic wine is your sole purpose in Pubfight: The Bar. There are three bars, and each has a bartender you control. Customers will enter from each side of the screen. You have to serve them their drinks. Don’t make a mistake, because these patrons are finicky and will react harshly if they receive the incorrect beverage. That is to say that the slurring clientele will paste the bartender who failed in his duty!

Harrowing. That’s the word we would use to describe Pubfight: The Bar. Slinging servings to three layers of promptly approaching customer hordes takes quick reflexes and accurate fingers.

You won’t need coffee to perk you up after a few frantic rounds of this game.

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