While many of us are ready to see our bedraggled troops brought home from a war that we will never win, Bush criticized Democrats for going on Vacation without giving him the war spending bill he is demanding free of a call to pull our troops home.

With Democrats and many Republicans showing their current opposition to the ongoing war in Iraq Bush blames Congress on using the break, even though he is also on a break, as an excuse to make their statement.

Insisting that many of our troops stay in Iraq beyond their regular tour Bush states that our men and women in uniform need this emergency war-spending bill to supply funding that has a direct impact on their lives. Guess what? If our troops came home to the relative safety of America, their needs would be met and their lives would not be in danger.

In response to Bush’s criticism Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, states that Bush is sticking to a “my way or the highway” governing approach and adds that it is time for the president and the Republicans in Congress to stop trying to bully their way through this and work with Democrats to end the war. Further adding, that it is time for the president to show respect to the American people” who have overwhelmingly voted to leave Iraq.”

Another important factor to note is that the Democrats in both the house and Senate have approved the $100 billion dollars that Bush has asked for to fund both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this year but have included in their bills a timeline for bringing our troops home. The Senate bill calls for all US troops to begin exiting Iraq in 120 days with a completion date of March 31, 2008, while Congress gives them until September 1, 2008, to complete the withdrawal. Democratic leaders are still working on a final version of these bills but since Bush has sworn to veto them if they include any time frame for troop withdrawal there is really no hurry in their being submitted.

Contending that the Bush Administration has grossly mismanaged the Iraq War the Democrats intend to use their power over spending to force a policy change. Knowing several soldiers who have been subjected to the terrors of this unholy war, some who have come back maimed for life, others with minds that will never be the same, I support whatever policy change is necessary. The goal should first be to remove Bush from office and/or secondly make a statement so loud that the remainder of our troops are returned to us safely. After all, I don’t see either of Bush’s daughters or he, himself in Iraq fighting for what he apparently believes in so strongly.

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