Zombies! In Zombie Escape, those pesky zombies are hogging the sidewalks. Even the floating sidewalks aren’t free of zombies, which is a shame because you can’t walk anywhere except the sidewalks while you’re in the process of fulfilling your mission.

What’s your mission? It’s up to you to collect fuel cells for the spaceship that will carry all the other non-zombie sidewalk walkers to safety. You’ve been issued a jet pack to assist you in your zombie-dodging fuel-cell search.

The left and right arrow keys will move you right and left. The up arrow key will activate your jetpack, and the spacebar is for jumping. Basically, Zombie Escape is a 3D platform game. The floating sidewalks only make sense if you remember that. The plot may be silly, but the game is pure fun. The challenge is there, but it’s not a discouraging amount. At least at first. We liked creating our very own character. You can’t beat being able to color coordinate a shorts outfit with a jet pack.

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