It’s a pastel night filled with warm glowing stars. And one bubble.

Today’s game, Starry Night, isn’t a grimhearted endeavor. It’s serene, tranquil time spent juggling a star. With a bubble. Use your mouse to move the bubble around. Gently, very gently, use the bubble to keep the yellow star in play by bouncing the star on the bubble. If you can bounce the yellow star through the blue falling stars, you’ll receive points. If your yellow star drops off the bottom of the screen, or if you fail to light up any of the falling stars before they drop off the screen, your energy bar will be reduced. When the energy bar is depleted, the game will end.

Starry Night is a simple game made into something more with its solid gameplay and charming storybook art. While not the most intense game you’ll ever play, we found this game agreeably compelling and had a fine time bouncing a star on a bubble.

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