My wife always tells me I’m a little kid in a man’s body. She’s right, and I want to tell you about a fun toy for geeks that’s on sale right now at Staples: PNY Technologies’ Attache 2GB USB flash drive with U3 launcher. With $40 instant rebate, it’ll only set you back $24.98. I couldn’t pass it up, no matter that I already have four other ones (two of which are PNY Attaches) ranging in size from 64MB to 1GB.

What’s fun about a flash drive? Well, when I plugged this one in, the launcher started and up popped this cool female animated avatar who immediately started to show me all of the features of the device. The launcher is nifty in itself, but the best part is that there are quite a few applications packaged for this thing that you can install and run. Many of them are free, like Firefox, Foxit Reader, Thunderbird, but there are many more inexpensive utilties and applications available.

But here’s the best part:

Disk Hero Real-time Remote Backup
Lose or have your U3 drive stolen? Disk Hero securely backs-up your data in real-time. Do a complete restore, or access a file online when you forget to take your U3 with you. If stolen, Disk Hero can track its use and inform you where the drive is being used.

I’m going to have fun with this thing. I’ve already installed portable Firefox and Foxit Reader for U3. And I’m off to install Disk Hero right after I post this.

“That was easy!”

The Geek

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