I’m still locating ‘stuff’ from the move last year and I stumbled on an old 20g Maxtor drive collecting dust in one of the boxes I have stored. Down in the bottom of the box I could hear the drive saying ‘linux, linux, linux.” so having seen that Ubuntu has a beta for Kubuntu, what better version to try to see how well it performs. I have also read that the final release of both Ubuntu and Kubuntu should reach us by the 19th of this month.

Like all previous versions, installation is easy. Answer a few simple questions about language and time zone, and the installation does everything for you automatically, no fuss no muss. As with previous versions this version of Linux is a breeze to use. Setup to my wireless network was easy and I was surfing the Internet immediately.

Adept. OK. I did a complete upgrade and also all updates and it worked flawlessly. Good job all the way around. If this is the beta, the final release should be outstanding. So on the 19th, or I may wait a few days to let the crowd clear, I’ll definitely be downloading the final release.

This distribution is a winner. It is easy to understand why Ububtu is so popular. 🙂

More to come once I get the final installed.

PS This is one of the fastest distributions I have used. I have it on a AMD 2800 with 1G of RAM and it rocks!

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