There are dozens of ways for you to download videos from the various video sharing Web sites out there like YouTube, but there are not that many places that let you know what you can do with them after you have captured them onto your own personal computer. The only good Flash movie player I have been able to find is nFLVPlayer.

Here is what the developer of the nFLVPlayer has to say about it:

FLVPlayer plays Flash video format, also known as .flv. This format provides the best available compression out there through the VP6 codec. At this time this is the best video format for online video playback… but it lacks support in other means of usage. A while ago I had to develop an online video system that needed to play video in this format and I found out there was no decent standalone player to try my video’s quality/size in various setups… so I wrote this one.

All in all, it does what it sets out to do – and it does so with little fuss at all. The player itself is built around Flash Active X control. That control does decode the video, so compliance is guaranteed.

So does this make things better or worse for you? I think it is a great, simple video player for .flv files, but I would be interested in hearing others’ options about it as well.

[552K] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]

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