Howz ’bout sum gooood old-fashion’d down-home country humor? Today we’re bringin’ you a selection of games to satisfy yer inner hillbilly funny-bone.

Redneck Games comes to you from planet Blue Collar Comedy Hour. It’s a collection of hayseed sporting events. A bumpkin olympics, if you will. Call yer maw and paw in fer these games ’cause there’s a game fer everyone in here. Everything from inner-tube racing to fishing with dynamite. Some games are single-player and others are multiplayer. There’s even chatting in the lobby in case you’d rather chew the fat with other rustic yokels.

Redneck Games are solid with great gameplay and enough humor to choke a donkey.

Our favorite was Dynamite Fishing.

Well. Don’t just stand there and gawk. Get goin’! Thar’s games thet need to git played.

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