I’m a fan of whiteboards, and I don’t really know why. In fact, I purchased one for my home office, but I hardly ever use it, and that statement can be proved by the fact that stuff I wrote three months ago is still on there. Either way, as weird as it is, I like knowing that I have one. If I ever get the urge to brainstorm and diagram some ideas, then the whiteboard is only a few feet away. Using an actual whiteboard is a satisfying experience, however, services such as skrbl are trying to replicate that experience on the Internet.

You may use your mouse instead of a dry erase marker, but the experience is still pretty good, especially since the Internet allows you to do things that you can’t do with a regular whiteboard. In addition to drawing and writing, registered users of skrbl can also upload pictures and share files through their digital whiteboards. As is always the case with things of this nature, collaboration is key, and all you have to do is give out the URL to what you’re working on so that others can join you live.

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