We all know the old saying. “I got some good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?” I usually answer: “neither.” 🙂 But sometimes we just have to take our lumps and it sure has been lumpy for Dell lately.

Bad news first: HP sales are increasing rapidly while Dell is sliding down the scale as each quarter goes by. Gartner is reporting Dell slid almost 7% in sales compared to last year. HP jumped up a healthy 28% in sales compared to last year. At the same time Acer has been slowly increasing its sales and is in a good position to take the number three spot away from Lenovo.

The good news: Remember the guy whose Ford pickup truck was engulfed in flames and his Dell lappy got blamed for the fire? Well Robert X. Cringley in a recent article states that Dell has examined the truck and lappy and says it wasn’t its product that caused the fire. Bob goes on to state that Dell offered to give the owner a new laptop, but not a new truck. Full details here.

This is also strange from Dell. What kind of computer is Michael Dell using at home?

“At home: Dell Precision M90”

So, you say, big deal. Well it is because the software is Linux and Michael is trying out Ubuntu 7.04. He has other Open Source software on his system as well.

This could be the first hint that Dell may be giving serious consideration on making Ubuntu the official Linux version when it starts to offer its new Linux systems. I personally believe it is a great choice because of the popularity of Ubuntu and its ease of use.

Dell link here.

What do you think? Is Ubuntu a good choice for the new Dell Linux systems? Comments welcome.

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