It’s never any fun when one of your Web sites goes down. For many of us, our Web sites are extremely important to us, and in some cases, you may even make a good amount of money from your personal or business space on the Web. In this case, downtime equals lost income, and no one wants that. If keeping downtime at a minimum is important to you, then you’d obviously want to take any reasonable precautions and employ some sort of solution that will notify you whenever something goes haywire because manually refreshing the site every few minutes isn’t exactly the most efficient way to go about the process. Whether you need to monitor one, two, or any other number of Web sites, Site24x7 has a solution for you.

The free account may only allow you to monitor two Web sites at sixty minute intervals, but for many of us, that’s more than enough. If you want to go crazy and monitor a large number of Web sites at more precise times, then a professional account is for you. Not only will Site24x7 inform you about whether or not your site is up, but it’ll also track performance and notify you if the content on your Web site changes, which is a great first step in becoming aware of nefarious activity. Alerts can be sent through e-mail, SMS, and RSS, so you’re sure to stay on top of things.

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