I always thought it was a silly name for a shopping service and Google seems to agree. So Froogle is going to be renamed simply ” Product Search”. It seems that Google is taking it more serious about their overall perception as a business company and thus eliminated the Froogle name.

On the Google blog they stated:

“Today, we’re making some changes to how we help users find things to buy. You may be familiar with our product Froogle (a pun on “frugal”). Froogle offers a lot of great functionality and has helped many users find things to buy over the years, but the name caused confusion for some because it doesn’t clearly describe what the product does.

So we’re renaming Froogle as Google Product Search. We’re taking the opportunity to refocus the user experience on providing the most comprehensive, relevant results in a clean, simple, easy-to-use UI. We’re also excited about how Google Checkout can help searchers have a fast and secure purchase experience, so the new interface makes it easier to buy with Checkout.”

I am sure the one thing that won’t change is how quickly we will still be able to find great deals on the Internet. 🙂

Full article here.

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