I wrote an article for Windows Fanatics regarding Windows Live OneCare and received several replies very critical of Microsoft. Let me relate a story that taught me not to judge based on incomplete information.

A few years after purchasing my first computer, after Atari etc., a new antivirus company named McAfee started up, or perhaps I just became aware of them. I was using AOL at the time and there was a free trial for McAfee antivirus at their site. I downloaded the program onto a floppy…yes a floppy, code was a little bit tighter in those days!

I ran a McAfee scan on my computer and it immediately advised me that I had a boot virus. In order to remove this virus I would need to spring for a paid version of the program.

Well, suspicious me, I was convinced that McAfee had placed that virus on my computer so that I would purchase their product. No way was I going to buy it.

I went out and bought an antivirus program by a guy named Norton, placed it on the computer, scanned and was informed that my computer was free of any viral activity. As irrational as it sounds to some I have never used a McAfee product since then. My choice regarding McAfee is based on incomplete and most likely incorrect information but it is burned into my mind and I cannot cross that threshold.

Norton was purchased by Symantec and I used their products for many years. Then one day I realized how many of my resources it was hijacking and the absolute misery of trying to uninstall a Symantec product. For that reason I will no longer use their product either.

I relate the above to illustrate how we develop likes and dislikes when it comes to the products we use. Microsoft is vilified by some and others feel it can do no wrong. I land in the middle on that one. To read my posts regarding OneCare meander over to this link.

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