You have to love this cat and mouse game Microsoft is playing on whether there will be a need for a service pack this year or not. In a previous article [here], I had mentioned that Microsoft representatives had stated that there would be no service pack, instead a series of hotfixes would be applied to Vista to correct some issues.

The contention is that Microsoft feels that Vista was so good right from the start that no service pack would be needed. There is also some discussion on the Internet that Microsoft may also feel reluctant to use a service pack that incorporates fixes for all problems, since some fixes only apply to specific situations. As you may recall, both service packs 1 and 2 for Windows XP had some undesired results after consumers installed the fixes.

The latest rumor is that service pack 1 for Windows Vista may be coming in October or November of this year. The CEO of Intel during a phone conference may have spilled the beans when he accidentally mentioned the October/November release dates. [Article here].But Microsoft is still playing hard ball and doesn’t want to confirm any specific release date.

Which brings up another thought. Was this actually a slip of the tongue by the Intel CEO or was it planned? Microsoft is a marketing genius when it comes to Windows. They are aware that many consumers and businesses are waiting for a service pack before they would even consider installing Vista on their machines. An October/November release would be ideal for the computer OEM’s who would love to have a highly profitable holiday season.

So what do you think? Will Microsoft come out with a service pack for Vista just before the holiday buying season?

Comments welcome.

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