While there is no doubt the ice storms and extremely cold conditions of last winter wrecked havoc with both plants and trees we will not truly realize the extent of the damage for perhaps years to come.  However, I think the short answer is to wait a few weeks and observe your plants to see how much damage actually occurred. With hostas, I am certain that the existing stalks are mostly destroyed but in most instances they should return from the root so don’t be in a big hurry to dig them up and replant.

As far as roses are concerned patience is going to be important while you are forced to wait and see how drastically they were damaged. To determine this you may wish to take a pocket knife and start at the top of the cane and work down the stalk until you see healthy green wood. This will help you determine how much of the slash you will want to prune away. Once pruned the healthy green wood should begin to produce new leaves but remember: Don’t prune until you determine where the healthy wood begins. 

On a encouraging note most perennials should recover from the terrible cold snap; but it will be critical to provide extra water for your plants and trees this summer to help them regain their strength as they may not be strong enough to suffer any drought conditions. 

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