There should be an image here!I should compose all of my blog entries full screen like this, eh? Then you can see how fast I type and how many typos I make in real-time. If I stop winging it? Move to the left?

Maybe if I sit back a bit, it’ll work better. Wow. This isn’t perfect, but I can definitely see how I could get used to typing up simple stuff so that everyone can see what I’m doing – if I want them to see what I’m doing.

Now, if I bother to post this text as a blog entry itself, nobody will have any idea what I’m talking about (without context). We’re working on ways to archive the live video stream and chat, actually.

I’m using something one of our community members recommended – an anonymous community member, at that! It’s a free program for Windows called “Dark Room”, which enables you to enter text full-screen. Normally, I wouldn’t think of using it – but I’m actually typing up this particular post inside the application so that my live followers can see what I’m doing. I even rested the Webcam atop my head for easier “remote viewing.” The font is set to Arial Black 96pt. You have to see it to appreciate it, so… in true live fashion, I’m going to ask someone to take a screen shot of their screen and post it to a Web photo (Flickr?) account so I can link to it directly before this post is completed. 😉


Heh… and who was it that said live Internet video was a waste of time and resources? I think we’re proving them wrong every single day.

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