Holding true to their word the folks at Ubuntu have posted the final release of Ubuntu/Kubuntu version 7.04 aka Feisty Fawn. The computer GODS must of been looking out for me, because I had no trouble downloading the Kubuntu version from a site in the Netherlands. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the download was fairly quick, since I had read that the servers were jammed with downloaders.

Just like the beta version, the final release also found all of my hardware including my wi-fi card and I was up and running on the Internet in no time. I’m a Firefox user and downloading Firefox using Adept was simple. I must say that Adept works very well and is intuitive to use. I was even able to download and install all of the games from KDE as well with basically no user intervention. The system just flat out works.

I’ll be playing around with Kubuntu this week to get the system tweaked to my liking. I have some toys, plus bells and whistles that I will be downloading to get the system setup for my needs. Oh yes, installation was uneventful. This is the best Linux distribution I have used IMHO. I think that anyone who is interested in giving Linux a try can’t go wrong with this release.

Installation is not necessary and this can be used as a live CD.

More to come. 🙂
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