All right, time for a blatant plug for the latest version of one of my favorite tools: PFCPro. The latest version, PFCPro 2007 is out and if you do video and PowerPoint you are going to want it. You can get it from

I have been breaking…um.. I mean testing… the PFC line since the very beginning. I love the whole idea. I mean, what’s not to love? The product line is built around the idea that there should be an easy way to add video and media to your PowerPoint presentations that ensures that the media will work no matter what Windows machine it is run on.

PFCPro 2007 takes the line up another notch. Adding videos from your hard drive, from your DVD drive, from your webcam, from the web – that’s just the first step. In PFCPro 2007, you can edit the videos you add and change:

  • The duration
  • The size
  • The quality
  • The metadata

Not enough for you? How about an easy way to crop your videos so they show what you want?

The interface is built into a task pane, so when you add a video, it just works. It is a clear interface and a well built one. If you understand anything about videos, you will understand how to customize your video to just what you want.

One of the new features is a better way to install. When you decide to download the trial, you pick your PowerPoint version and your Windows version. You get the version of PFCPro that works with that combination. If you are running 2007, it installs as a part of the ribbon. If you are using the older versions, it installs as part of the old interface.

One word of warning: When you install PFCPro 2007, it will automatically check that you have the current version of all the parts of Windows that it needs. This means that you will see parts of your copy of Windows being updated. If you don’t have the components that you need, they are installed. If you have them, you will go through a repair process to make sure that the most recent versions are on your machine. While this is better than the old versions where you needed to add the media components before installing PFCPro, it can be a little disconcerting. It may look like nothing is happening at first, but the install is running.

When you download PFCPro 2007, you get a free two week trial. If you like it, buy it at $129.95 US. If you don’t like it, use Add/Remove Programs to remove it from your system. I am guessing that you will quickly become as addicted to it as I am! (Using PFCPro already and upgrading to PowerPoint 2007? Your PFCPro upgrade is free.)

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