Bet you never saw this coming! Now Internet Explorer users can enjoy some of those cool Greasemonkey scripts that Firefox users have been hoarding all to themselves. OK, so in reality Firefox users have not really been hoarding anything at all. In fact, Firefox is cross platform and anyone can use the application should they wish to.

But seriously though, this “Trixie” is pretty cool! It seems to have the same vision as Greasemonkey, but runs on .NET on Windows machines. Heck, it is even beginning to gain some traction with user scripts, demonstrating what works and what does not. All and all, I am impressed.

Have you tried this yet? Perhaps you have some kind of perspective regarding security concerns, poor use of something or another or maybe you just prefer Firefox? Whatever it may be, hit the comments and tell me about it! I would love to hear your comments on this.

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