As a blogger, you want people to stay in tune with any new content that you post, and they usually do this by either visiting the actual blog or subscribing to its associated RSS feed. Although these two methods may be at the top of the pile, you shouldn’t forget about e-mail because there’s a good chance that many of your readers don’t use RSS and may sometimes forget to check your site for updates. Therefore, e-mail is one of the best ways to reach these people because they don’t have to do anything special to keep up with you. Zookoda provides a free e-mail marketing service that will deliver your messages to the Inboxes that matter.

Once your readers subscribe to your content by using the Zookoda subscription form on your blog, they’re then added to a list of recipients that will receive your mailings. Zookoda simply takes your RSS feed, wraps it up in a nice template (which can be customized), and then broadcasts it out to your subscribers on a schedule that you specify (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Not only does the service distribute your feed in an e-mail format, but it also enables you to study real-time reports to see how this process is succeeding. RSS may be taking over, but e-mail still isn’t dead just yet, and Zookoda proves this point.

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