It seems that the folks over at PCLinuxOS are taking it serious the hope of having OEM’s distribute pre-installed copies of Linux on computer systems and are offering a free certification program to prove their point. Though certification by Linux software companies is not new, most charge a fee for certification. The folks at PCLinuxOS are going to do this on their own with the support of volunteers to do the testing.

Over at the article states that:

The certification team plans to test computer models with the latest version of the distribution and, if it proves compatible, allow the manufacturer to add a “Certified — Works with PCLinusOS” label to the computer’s packaging. Initially, the team plans to perform certification testing without vendor participation and report results unsolicited to manufacturers.

Requirements for being PCLOS-certified are not yet fleshed out, but the general yardstick has been defined as “out of the box” compatibility with prebuilt systems. According to HWDB founder Jeremiah Summers, “the assumption [is] that the performance will be as the manufacturer intended when the device was designed, or that the manufacturer has provided drivers that come with an installer that is easy to use while still not degrading any performance for the hardware.” Summers will work with volunteers from the PCLOS community on the certification program.

I think the idea of surprising manufacturers with the results is a great. This will surely demonstrate to the OEM’s that these folks are serious about seeing Linux distributed on new computer systems. If you are not famaliar with PCLinuxOS it is one of the easier Linux distributions to use. The product comes on a Live-CD so there is no need to install Linux on your box in order to run it. If you do decide to install PCLinuxOS on your system, there is a simple desktop icon labeled “install” that will start the install process.

I personally wish to thank the volunteers at PCLinuxOS for taking the ‘bulls by the horn’ and getting Linux moving into mainstream use. Good job.

Full article here.

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