It seems that ever since Google announced that they were purchasing Double-Click, another Internet advertising business, plus their intentions to get into radio and TV advertising, some now are viewing Google as a monopoly. Privacy groups, businesses of all types [including Microsoft] and some individuals are looking at Google as becoming a major monopoly that we should all fear.

There are several things we must look at when trying to sort out what the intentions of Google are. We must first look at the intentions of the critics. I am sure we will all agree that Microsoft is the last company in the world who should be critical of any company being called a monopoly. Their opinion can be totally disregarded. Then we have the privacy groups who profess of being concerned that one company should be in control of so much data. I think we may have more to fear from our own government who collects mountains of data on all of us than we do from Google. And last we have the press and news agencies. I have read some fairly twisted accounts of what Google could do with its new found super power, some of which sounds more like jealousy, than of fair and accurate reporting.

My personally assessment of Google is based on sound and scientific analysis, coupled with years of experience in studying and taking part in the human element plus being a pretty judge of human character. I am sure some of you who are reading this have had similar experiences. We have all met someone in our lives, maybe more than one, who we have immediately taken a like or dislike to. It could be their appearance, mannerisms, what they say, and so forth that immediately triggers a immediate reaction on our part. Right or wrong, we just can shake the feeling and will react to that person, or persons, in either a positive or negative way.

Knowing this let me ask you a question? You are the Captain of the SS Titanic II which has just hit a iceberg and is sinking fast. After confirming that all of the passengers and crew are safely off the ship you get into the last lifeboat which as luck would have it is occupied by Larry Page, Sergey Brin from Google and Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer from Microsoft. After several days floating around at sea, your hopes of rescue start to dim. You see, Bill and Steve took apart the GPS signal locater in your lifeboat saying they were going to improve its signal range and now the GPS unit doesn’t work and is in need of a upgrade.

It gets worse. Your water and food supplies are dwindling. You must select two people who must be sacrificed and thrown into the sea so the others might live. Can you see where I am going with this? IMHO its a fairly easy decision to make. Which just goes to show that we have nothing to fear from our friends at Google. LOL

Whats your take? Should we fear Google and compare it to the evil empire of others?

Comments welcome.

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