In response to Microsoft Windows Is In Big, BIG Trouble, Gnomie Nicholas J. Mincone writes:


I truly enjoyed this article, and I shared many of your thoughts until I came to your “points” section. If I may address each one briefly:

Apple Must Be More Competitive. Competitive with who? No one currently makes better hardware or software than Apple does. The rest of the industry should catch up and price accordingly with Apple. Then we’ll see some stiff “upper-class” competition for a change. My sales and profits might be a little higher as well. Why lower the bar? We should be raising it, and we’ll all benefit from it.

Apple Must Acquire Parallels And Bake It Into The OS. From a business owner standpoint I have to disagree. With OS bundling comes OS support. Why would Apple want to provide support for an additional OS that is notoriously finicky in many aspects of computing, even if it runs on its own hardware? By offering the option, it entices buyers with “the” option without the additional burden of support. Think about it. Also, I may be out on a limb here but it may also need access to some Windows innards I don’t believe MS will likely provide access to.

Apple Must Start Selling Machines With The Option Of Windows Installed. Please see my point above, why would you want to support Windows? And at what cost to the hardware does your statement make (see my first response to being more competitive)? Do you realize that there are PC systems sold for around $400 WITH Windows which retails alone for anywhere between $150 and $300? For how much more would Apple have to sell these machines you feel are already expensive with Windows? Microsoft will surely have its hand out.

Apple Should Open Source More Of Its Software, Like The iPod. Oh yes, that’s right Creative, SanDisk and MS, to name a few, all do the same; Apple should follow. Of course it doesn’t Open Source its device OSes. Aren’t there DRM features these manufacturers are forced to implement in order to be able to even sell these devices? Wouldn’t Open Sourcing them allow the potential for circumvention to take place?

Pause Safari Development And Embrace Firefox. I believe safari development started from lack of an Microsoft update to Explorer for Mac, but I could be wrong. Anyway, why pick it up when it’s freely downloadable? Maybe I’m missing your point. Do most Windows PC’s ship with Firefox as the default browser? Or even installed for that matter? Who told you about Firefox anyway? (Sarcasm here.)

Apple Should Start Publicly Blogging And Let Employees Do The Same. Again, maybe I miss the point here. Apple’s Web site is filled with sources, and aren’t there legal ramifications to allowing employees to blog publicly? Surf under Apple’s site in the developer section.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the article 😉 Have an excellent weekend!

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