I may be on the ‘Terrorist Watch List’. You may be on the ‘Terrorist Watch List’. Dr. Walter F. Murphy definitely is on the ‘Terrorist Watch List’.

Dr. Murphy was a decorated Marine colonel and is a Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. He is a constitutional scholar. One would think that a distinguished citizen such as Dr. Murphy would be the last person one would expect to find on such a data base. He is seventy seven years old.

Dr. Murphy explains his inclusion on this list:

“…the secrecy inherent in the entire process makes the real reason for one’s inclusion hard to know.

“They have a secret list, compiled in secret, by secret people, using secret information, and applying that secret information with a secret criteria,” he said. “There’s a certain lack of transparency here.”

link: Princeton professor says anti-Bush speech landed him on no-fly list

Of course, such a data base raises a myriad of questions. For example, how does one remove oneself from such a list? What are the future implications for your children, if you are on this list? Is this list shared between other government agencies or other countries? Ohhhhhhhh – right… it’s all a secret.

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