MXPLAY is a very nifty looking application that combines the powers of several video Web sites on the Internet, photo locations on the Web, and the those of the audio files you have stored on your computer. The looks are absolutely extraordinary (it is not Vista’s “fault” as the application has been tested in XP environment and the same baffling looks were available) and remind me a little of the latest Windows Media Player.

The options available in the A/V player are not too many and there is not too much you can do with it, but believe me, you can spend hours with it without even knowing. The video Web sites supported by the software include the most visited location on the Web, like YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Videos, UnCut, Metacafe, Blip Live Video, or Photobucket. The photo sharing Web sites available in MXPLAY are Photobucket and Flickr. These nine Web locations can take a lot of your time as you all know how addictive they can soon become.

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