I’ve been watching FOX‘s new TV show Drive with great enthusiam over the first four episodes. The cinematography is just unparalleled on broadcast TV. It is about an illegal cross country road race, where the grand prize is $32 million – for some. For others, it is the life of their loved ones. Simply put, think Death Race 2000 with a modern, urban edge.

There are angles used to show the action on the road that have never been seen on TV or in the movies. The prodcers went out of their way to be innovative. They even had director Greg Yaitanes twittering director’s commentary during the premier episode. How cool is that?

I immediately thought of another FOX power franchise when I first saw this show – Prison Break. Unbelievable, a bit gritty, kind of a wierd concept, but really darned engaging and addictive. Maybe it’s because of Yaitanes that this association popped into my head – check out his IMDB profile above for an overly impressive resume.

Unfortunately, FOX is apparently set to cancel the show after only six episodes. I hope they see the error of their ways and reverse this decision. If they do, they’ll be saving another powerhouse and will deliver us a breakaway hit.

The community on their site is already begging, pleading and demanding FOX keep Drive on the air. Watch the show before it disappears, and do your part to help keep it around.

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