I think it’s important when subscribing to any site to know what content to expect and to have a little insight into the writer.  One just can’t have a community without the public being let into the life of the author.

I’ve been working on and with the Internet for over a decade.  I’ve done just about every Internet related job possible: graphic designer, webmaster, web developer, network engineer, customer support.  Heck, I even have a Marketing degree!  I’m uniquely positioned to have a very broad knowledge base which I use to help others take full advantage of the Internet.

I use a Macintosh Powerbook, a Motorola Q, and drive a Prius.  I am an amateur photographer on the side, and am a member at several stock photography web sites where my work actually sells!  I love to write about these topics.  I also enjoy talking about user generated content (fancy talk for videos, photos, songs, and stories written by you – the “end user”), new media (feeds the hunger behind my Telecommunications degree), development programs and techniques, and home based technology.  You’ll find lots of tips and tricks and howtos here.

I have another site where I share links, photos, reviews, and what is generally going on in my life.  It is called Life, it is a Travesty.  Here, you’ll find the content with meat.  Subscribe to one, the other, or both.

Welcome to Tech Time, I hope you enjoy yourself!!!

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