Not much is written about Windows System Restore anymore, so I thought I would bring it out for a bow. Every now and then it comes in quite handy.

Yesterday I decided to install some software I had downloaded from the Web. I installed it and all seemed well. The program performed as advertised and I didn’t give it another thought. Later in the day I opened up Outlook and wanted to send an email to a pal. I clicked on NEW and got… nothing but an hourglass. I thought it was a fluke so I ended the task through Task Manager and then opened up Outlook once again. Same result with the added attraction of a pop-up advising me that Outlook was opening Word to use as my email editor. So now I had an hourglass and a pop-up box. Needless to say, there was still no new email window. I decided to punt, opened Outlook Express, and sent my email. I then did my end task routine and shut down my computer for the night.

While trying to sleep I kept thinking about this strange behavior and after about an hour of tossing and turning I had a EUREKA moment. Gee, could it possibly have something to do with that software I installed?

Upon rising this morning I decided to act on that last thought of the night before, and after starting up my laptop, I headed straight for System Restore. I had a restore point that I had made prior to the installation of the software from the Web and I went back to that point.

Lo and behold, software gone, problem gone. Once again I was reminded how much I take System Restore for granted. Oh, and that software I downloaded… never on my computers again!

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