I just got finished reading a review of Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn  version 7.04 over at ExtremeTech written by Jim Lynch, in which he was highly critical of the new Linux distribution and basically slammed it with some mediocre reasoning. Though he mentions that he wants to like the distribution, he then goes on to rant about several issues he found that just were to unbearable for him to live with. As a example he mentions that Firefox didn’t come with flash, which has nothing to do with Ubunutu.

There was some other dribble about not being able to install NVidia drivers correctly which in one of the comments it was pointed out that he didn’t do the install the correct way, which just went to show his lack of knowledge of Linux. But what was disturbing about the entire article was that comparing any operating system to any other is purely subjective and is only one persons opinion. The review was supposed to be about Ubuntu Fiesty Fan version 7.04 and not Vista, Xandros or a Mac.

Here is my gripe in a nutshell. If you are going to write about any operating system write about the specifics of that OS and not in comparison to other operating systems. In the end it was quite obvious that this writer was most likely a Mac head to begin with.

He first states that Ubuntu was worse than Vista  because Vista detected his video card and installed the correct driver. I wonder how many people are still waiting for the correct Vista driver to get their video card working after upgrading to Microsoft’s new OS?

Then he states for a real Linux experience you should try Xandros. But in the next breath it is Linux might not be ready for the desktop so buy a Mac.

You can take a look at the entire review here.

What is your opinion? Is this a fair review or is it biased?

Comments welcome.

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