As I noted in my Agloco update earlier today, I’m preparing myself for the impending Agloco viewbar release. I received a single comment from someone who must’ve been watching the agloco tag – someone who believes the Agloco system is fundamentally flawed. His comment was processed and still sits on that page.

I was around in the days of AllAdvantage – passing up opportunities to use it for several months. After eventually signing up for their program (and running their ad bar on my desktop), I wish I had believed in them from the get-go. If I recall correctly, I had several four-figure months -and knew of at least two others who were pushing into five-figures… all for running a banner on their desktop. The system ultimately failed, but that was probably the easiest money I ever made. So, they’re at it again – hopefully learning from their mistakes.

I sent the link to a good friend, David Lawrence, who has been promoting Agloco for quite some time now – despite there not being a viewbar available. He replied with certain assurances:

Seen it and dealt with it weeks ago when it was published.

I read the whole article – and it is the same old tired story that people who were not a part of the AllAdvantage network tends to gravitate towards: it simply can’t be true.

Each one of the items in this article is stated well, and then comes to a completely incorrect conclusion. They are building an audience, and won’t release the Viewbar until they’re sure it’s ready for prime time. Just because he’s impatient doesn’t mean Agloco will release the Viewbar before they’ve made damn sure it’s bulletproof on release.

And then, at the end, he actually says, “Having said all that, I don¹t think Agloco¹s a scam.” Too late… the damage may have already been done in the mind of the reader.

In addition, Ray Everett-Church, AGLOCO’s Chief Privacy Officer, had this to say: “Not to mention, the author makes a number of incorrect assumptions, such as the fact that the shares we intend to issue aren’t subject to SEC regulations in the same way. Since most of his conclusions flow from those bad assumptions, it’s difficult to make sense of the rest of his criticisms.”

I wish I had jumped into AllAdvantage sooner than I did – so I’m not going to make that same mistake with Agloco.

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