I just ran into this article from Rick Lehrbaum who is the founder and executive editor of DesktopLinux.com., which is both a review plus provides additional great information how to setup Ubuntu/Kubuntu. Like myself, Rick prefers the Kubuntu GUI so the article is geared for that version. None the less, if you are new to Linux and want to learn some tips and tricks on how and what to install, this article from Rick will certainly help.

One of the apps that Rick recommends is called Automatix2

Automatix2 makes a terrific companion to Ubuntu/Kubuntu, for anyone who wants to be able to install and use a few well-selected “non-free” programs and drivers.

My personal favorite apps for installing via Automatix2 are: Thunderbird email client, Skype VoIP client, Gaim multi-protocol IM client, Opera browser, Sun Java Firefox plug-in, Adobe Flash player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Bluefish html/text editor, extra fonts, Realplayer, and various multimedia “goodies” (codecs, plugins, etc.). Automatix2 really is a nice addition to the basic Ubuntu/Kubuntu distribution!

One of the other apps. is CodeWeaver which he also recommends. CodeWeaver is a app. that allows you to run Windows software on a Linux machine. Your mileage may vary trying this.

Over all Rick gave Ubuntu/Kubuntu a fair 19 our of 20 rating. During his entire review he didn’t once have to use the word ‘sucks’, which in itself demonstrates a fair and balanced review. Nice job Rick and thanks for the tips. As a fairly Newbie and Wantabee myself dealing with Linux, I’ll take any help when available. 🙂

Check out Rick’s article here.

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