Here are some of the things that have occurred during the past week that you might find interesting.

Vista Compatibility Woes Adobe, IBM, and Symantec are among the software vendors still struggling with the complexities of making their apps work with Microsoft’s new operating system. Even Adobe’s newest Photo Shop doesn’t work with Vista.

OLPC Still Using Open Source – The One Laptop Per Child has now confirmed their laptops will be using open source software but provided technical info. to Microsoft only to test the system in case a country wished to switch from Linux to Windows.

First Cell Phones – Now iPods & Zunes Banned – During testing, schools have had to ban cell phones since students were text messing answers. Now iPods and Zunes are on the hit list as well.

MySpace – A Connecticut law is in the works that would require MySpace and other social-networking sites to verify users’ ages and obtain parental consent before minors can post profiles.

Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia editing/creation remix of Ubuntu. Its built for the GNU/Linux audio, video, and graphic enthusiast or professional. Coming soon.

APPLE BOOT CAMP SUPPORTS VISTA – That just about says it. You can now run Vista on a Apple machine.

Dell + Ubuntu – Oh, rumors, rumors and more rumors. Dell will be using Ubuntu on their Dell Linux systems which will start being offered at the end of this month.

Ballmer Again – Steve Ballmer once again is being critical of Google and the iPhone. No one is listening. 🙂

Microsoft & Yahoo – the two companies are once again talking about a merger to compete against Google. But the talks were short lived and insider information says it is over.

AMD Name Change – AMD is dropping the Athlon name and will be using Phenom.

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