One of the problems of receiving so many advertisements is trying to sift through the products that you know, but also try to learn about the products that you don’t know about. Since we have covered in the past both Dell and HP-Compaq computer systems, this morning I received a ad from TigerDirect and they were touting Systemax computers systems. I figured this must be a private brand of some type, so I did a little research.

On the Systemax web site they state:

We are a direct marketer of brand name and private label products, including personal desktop computers (PC’s), notebook computers, computer related products, and industrial products, in North America and Europe. We assemble our own PCs and sell them under the trademarks Systemax™,Tiger® and Ultra™. In addition, we market and sell computers manufactured by other leading companies.

The Company’s multi-faceted marketing plan features Internet, relationship marketing, and inbound catalog sales. Through these channels Systemax offers over 40,000 products to its two million customers. Systemax PCs are “The Perfect PC” for the educated buyer who wants name brand components, warranty and service without paying for massive amounts of advertising.

They also state that 2006 was a record sales year, that dividends were up and several other drum banging comments about how good they are and how good their products are. Which made me think, who would you ask about their products and do they really stand out like their press release seems to indicate?

So that is my question for today. Has anyone tried these products and what did you think? Are they any good or should they be skipped over?

Comments welcome.

Systemax website here.

TigerDirect website here. Tiger still has listed that they recommend Microsoft Windows XP at the top of their ad. 🙂
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