I’m not the best person to turn to for giving directions or reading a map by any means, but Google Maps has helped me out more than you can even imagine. Even though I don’t travel into the great unknown very frequently, I still find myself using the service almost every day for various reasons. Undoubtedly, Google has provided a fantastic mapping service, but they’ve also provided a fantastic API for developers to play with. This API has led to an abundance of created services that make use of the data that Google Maps provides, and Wayki is an example of one of these services.

Wayki specializes in enabling you to mark locations and share them with others. The interface is nice and simple, and it’s the small touches that make the site so pleasant to use. Anyone can easily place a marker on the map, drag it to a specific location, and add messages or pictures. Once a marker has been posted, you’re provided with a simple to link to URL for distribution wherever you wish so that you can send people to your marked location. Visitors who explore the map can even comment on these markers.

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