OpenSuse has a survey of sorts in which they have compiled the ratings of some 27k + users and have come up with a profile of the folks who use Linux. More accurately of the people who are actually using SuseOpen on their systems. So whether this survey applies to ALL users is unknown.

Basically the survey shows that the majority of users are males in their 20’s who consider themselves computer savy. However most are not IT types the survey concludes. But some of the interesting facts the survey came up with were:

Some 70% of users Dual boot both Windows and SuseOpen Linux.

Almost 90% have a DSL/Broadband internet connection. This is highly recommended since most Linux distro’s need updating right after installation.

Over 70% chose the KDE interface instead of Gnome when using OpenSuse Linux. Which coincides with what I have mentioned before. KDE just seems easier to use IMO.

Over 85% indicated that they have no involvement with OpenSuse and don’t even file bug reports.

Over 60% use OpenSuse Linux was private use.

What was really interesting about the survey, were some of the final results in which respondents were questioned about various aspects of the OS, such as hardware support, stability, security, software and so forth. On a scale of 1 to 5 most scored the OS in the 3 to 4 range. The highest rating 4.56 was for price. It is free so I would of thought this would of been a 5 all the way across.

So do you fit in with the survey results? What is your take? Is this survey a good indication of Linux users in general?

Comments welcome.

OpenSuse survey here in .pdf format.

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