It makes one wonder, what the heck was the big deal about the Apple article that the PC World editor quit over? As with most stories there is more to this than meets the eye. It seems more likely this may have been a power push between the editor and new CEO. But that is their problem.

In reading the Apple article, which may have been toned down, there was really not that much that I personally saw that was inflammatory about the company. To keep piece they even posted another article on what you gotta love about Apple. Again nothing earth shattering.

Which has to make one wonder? Was it just a slow news day? Or was it that Apple is a advertiser of PC World? Or was it just a powerplay? Does anyone care?

One can sit all day coming up with stuff on any company, software, hardware vendors, or for that matter any appliance out there and come up with a dozen or more pros and cons. Heck, I can write about the new car I bought and some of the things I don’t like about it like the speedometer is hard to read since it is only numbered in 20mph increments. But would you care? I doubt it.

So do you care about the good or bad things at Apple or would you just like to hate PC World for putting us through the pain of reading this dribble?

Comments welcome.

PS I’m not linking to either article since I believe this has become a joke. If you are interested in reading the article please do a Google.

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