In Aurora, Illinois they are trying to get youth off of the streets by providing free computers with wi-fi access to low income families. The hope is that this may help to get the kids off of the local street corner and into technology to develop their skills. The program also hopes to be able to train the youth in basic and advanced computer skills.

The newspaper article also states:

Instead of drugs, some aldermen envision local teens selling their computer savvy and technology skills to prospective employers.

And rather than guns, they want to arm at-risk kids and adults and former inmates with wireless Internet know-how.

“They asking us what we can do to stop the shootings,” 2nd Ward Alderman Juany Garza said. “The idea is to try to keep the kids busy.”

The goal is to give those at risk for committing crimes a skill that translates into good jobs and more hefty paychecks than one might earn slinging fries. The answer is computers.

This is an interesting program that other cities may wish to adopt. With all of the old computers available, this is a great way to not only recycle the units but also provide incentive to lower income youth to learn computer technology and keep them out of trouble.

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