I don’t think you needed to attend Google’s annual shareholders meeting to pickup the fact that not only is Google doing well, but that they do have plans for a new direction. A direction that will pit the search engine giant up against Microsoft. A direction that everyone knew was coming, but which has now finally been confirmed by the Google honcho’s.

The brilliance of Google goes back deeply into its roots. By using Linux as its base core, it does not need to reply on proprietary software as other businesses do. The Googlers have a deep understanding of Linux and employee people who can hack the life out of Linux to build their own applications. By using free software, now only do they save bucks, but they built it their way. Which further adds to their being able to provide freebies to consumers that few companies can match. Give it away free and they will come, has worked very well for the Google company and having advertising pay as well, doesn’t hurt.

After reading some of the takes on the Google direction, it is rather clear that Google is going to further expand its current application market more offering additional applications. Whether free or paid, Google will be able to provide a basic platform that consumers will be able to use now and in the future. Will these new web based applications replace Microsoft Office? I seriously doubt it, since the Google apps. are very basic in nature. However, most consumers who might only use less than 10% of Microsoft Office functionality, may just opt into this new Google form of online apps. We will see.

So Google now maybe be touting a new slogan. Search, Advertising and Applications is our business. Along with a few other tricks they may have up their sleeve. 🙂

What do you think? Is Google going to give Microsoft a run for its money? Or will the two giants live in harmony, peace and tranquility?

Comments welcome.

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