I am picking up some bits and pieces of a Linux box that may be coming this summer, but as with any new device, I will believe it when I see it. Not that I am skeptical but some of you may recall a similar sighting of another alleged PC box that I reported about last year, that never did materialize. Why am I skeptical? If one takes a look at the Zonbu website there is nothing there, no press releases, no pictures, no nothing. There is however a box to sign up, which I did, for more information.

In the mean time while I await the folks from Zonu to respond, this new Linux box is going to be about the size of a paperback book, have 4MB of flash Ram, be able to back up automatically your stuff to their severs. Price is alleged to be $99 for the unit and another $12.95 a month for the service. This tiny box doesn’t come with a mouse or keyboard which you need to supply yourself as well as a monitor if you wish to view the big picture. The operating system will be using a form of Linux Gentoo.

This summer release? It is about 2 weeks until summer starts to kick off, depending on who’s calender you use. This hush, hush, project is still hushed. Which being the skeptic I am, and for a lack of information on the website, tends to lead me to believe that something is amiss here. If I had a new project that I thought would revolutionize the computing world, I would have a knock out website touting all of the benefits of my device, press releases galore, and pictures, pictures and more pictures. The hush-hush thing makes my hackles raise and instill some doubt in my mind.

Do a Google for Zonbu and you will fins all kinds of stuff about the device.

Does this seem like the real thing or am I just a skeptic at heart?

Comments welcome.

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