I like to download eBooks in my spare time. No matter if you like novels or help books, there is an eBook out there for anybody and everybody. Having downloaded several though, I am having trouble managing them all. I looked at several solutions, but the best one I found was My Ebook Library.

My Ebook Library is a freeware application that make managing your eBook collection a breeze. Here is a little more about the application from the developers.

My Ebook Library enables you to organize and catalog your collection of e-books in a searchable library. It automatically categorizes your e-books by author, last read and status, and you can also create custom collection using topics of your choice. The program can automatically scan multiple folders for compatible e-book formats and you can drag and drop them into your categories.

This program handles many popular file types including PDF, CHM, LIT, DOC, HTM, HTML, RTF, TXT, DJV, DJVU, PDB, and PRC. So if you need better management options over your eBook collection and you want a free application to do it for you, My Ebook Library would be a great way to go.

[1.3M] [WinXP] [FREE]

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