Kevin Rose has quickly become one of the biggest and most popular tech celebrities out there today. People want to meet him, and others even want to be like him. When I went and sat in the audience of The Screen Savers during the time that our beloved TechTV was still around, I knew that Kevin would do well for himself, but I never imagined how big both him and his ideas would become. Despite a recent scuffle, Digg is still one of the most popular Web sites around, and this social news site isn’t the only thing that Kevin has turned into Internet gold. In addition to Digg, Kevin is also involved with an online media company called Revision3.

Many of the same people that are involved with Digg are also involved with Revision3, and this helps to keep the companies close to one another even though they’re separate beasts. The company produces and delivers entertaining online video content that you can either download or stream straight from your browser. This is the place to go to watch Diggnation (a show that covers some of the top stories of the week from Digg), which is hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, a newish show called The Totally Rad Show (also containing Alex), and all of the other shows that Revision3 creates. If you’re familiar with Digg, then you have to be familiar with Revision3.

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