I’ll say one thing, I sure hope the fuss is worth it for these folks. Rather than getting into who is right and who is wrong here, I think the most interesting aspect to this is simply how the world of rivals has evolved. What once would have been a potential street fight has now migrated into cyberspace.

I can only assume that they guys have financial stakes here, and that is why we are seeing so much activity between the two parties. But after doing a little more research, it appears to be more of a “turf war”, not so much about anything relating to that of a financial aspect. Crazy, isn’t it? And what’s even more disturbing is the belief that the honeymoon period we have felt with Linux and OS X could indeed, becoming to an end.

My major prediction with all of this? Before the end of the year, we will see serious malware outbreaks on all three operating systems. I realize, it sounds nuts, but I simply cannot shake the feeling that this is it – 2007 is as the articles states, the year everything changes.

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