Ever wanted a super tool for your Windows taskbar? Sure “super” might cover a lot of bases – but thankfully so does the XNeat Windows Manager. It gives your taskbar a boost in just about every which way imaginable. This download includes many tools people are not even seeing in Vista as well.

So I bet you are still asking, “Where does the super come into the picture?” Well, I am getting there. This freeware download enables you to minimize any window to an icon in the system tray (instead of the taskbar), keep any window on top, set a custom transparency level, and also hide any window or tray icon.

Here are some other features it includes:

  • Allows you to rearrange the order of the taskbar buttons by simply dragging them around
  • It integrates into the right-click menu of the taskbar and system tray
  • Lets you hide the Start button, system clock, and other elements

For the user interface takers out there, this is a tool you have to at least try out.

[281K] [Win2k/XP/Vista] [FREE]

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