I’ve had my first Mac for just about a month now and I’m absolutely not missing Microsoft Windows in the slightest. However, I am missing some applications that are native to Windows.

I’m using the following programs in Parallels Desktop for Mac but I wish there were native Mac OS X versions of them so I wouldn’t have to use Windows at all.

  1. FolderShare – Microsoft acquired FolderShare but its Mac client doesn’t work on the Intel Macs anymore. Support requests to Microsoft have gone unanswered. I desperately need a way to sync specific folders on my Mac with folders on my Windows machines, like FolderShare is supposed to do.
  2. Google Talk – Come on Google! Why the heck don’t you have a Google Talk Client for the Mac by now?! Quit dragging your feet and get it done! I know I can use Adium and jabber to connect but it’s just not the same.
  3. eWallet – This is a great little app for managing your passwords and other info in an ecrypted database that can also be accessed on a PDA. I really really really wish there was a Mac version or at least a way to import it into another Mac Password manager.
  4. mIRC – Why doesn’t any IRC client support mIRC scripts but mIRC? This alone stops me from trying any IRC Client. I have too many custom scripts that I’ve spent too much time refining to ever stop using mIRC.
  5. ThumbsPlus – Nothing compares to it when it comes to organizing and previewing graphics and photographs. There isn’t any image file format it can’t read.
  6. Picasa – Support for linux but not Mac?! Come on Google, I’m starting to see a pattern!
  7. eBay Turbo Lister – A free app provided by eBay that allows you to quickly make professional looking listings and upload them in bulk. With Mac’s market sharing growing as it is, eBay will have to offer a Mac version of it soon!
  8. UltraVNC – Yes, there other other Mac VNC clients but none support UltraVNC’s encryption plugins so you can connect to your Windows machines securely.
  9. TiVo.Net or Galleon – Allows you to watch movies and play music from your computer on your TiVo. I use it to watch and listen to video and audio podcasts that iTunes downloads.
  10. Verizon iobi – An cool application that allows you to access your caller ID and route incoming calls to voice mail or another number in real time. It also allows you to schedule call forwarding in advance.

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