Today’s rant is about Linux.  My machine is up and running but networking it with my other computers is an absolute nightmare i.e. it just isn’t happening. I have spent hours on various Linux forums, tried various Linux distros, used countless configurations and you know what: it still isn’t working. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again it should not be this hard. Looking at the various forums I know I’m not alone. It is way too complicated to do something that only takes a few clicks in Windows or on a Mac. This quite honestly is the stumbling block to me adopting Linux as a viable option as an OS in my opinion. Right now I’d dump it and install XP if I can find a copy at a decent price. As I’ve heard from Linux devotees your computer should work for you. Well right now I have to say that Linux doesn’t do that. It doesn’t “just work” and until it does I can’t recommend Linux.

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