Lifelock, said to be the leading company in the field, will take all steps to eliminate threats of identity theft, and if you suffer any losses while subscribed they will fight any legal fights and reimburse your losses up to $1 million. There are other companies that provide similar services. This one has the recommendations I needed to be convinced.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I signed us up. When you consider what identity theft could do to our lives in general — my wife’s, in particular, being a licensed psychotherapist, it’s cheap, cheap, cheap.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to the site and look it over. There are dozens of links to testimonials ranging from universities to large businesses. Google the company and check it out. Do whatever you think you have to do to convince yourself it’s for real.

Here’s an article on ScamBusters, and here’s a link to the LifeLock site. Go to the ScamBusters site and read the article, and use their promo code for a 10% discount — then it’ ll be only $9.00 a month (or less, if you buy by the year).

Disclaimer: I have no connection with, nor with LifeLock (apart from having just given them some money).

And yes… I know I could do all that stuff myself, and keep on doing it as needed, but I also know I won’t — and neither will you.

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