Is it just me or have the names of specific hardware continued to be too confusing to comprehend for the typical consumer? We cannot really point to the software guys as this is a branding issue that stems from the hardware side of the fence. I have seen some improvements from Intel in this area with terms like “Duo Core,” but it feels like other chip manufacturers and even video card vendors make discerning which piece of hardware is the best choice for the casual consumer nearly impossible.

Am I nuts here? Is there truly no branding issue at all and this is just something that has manifested inside my head? I guess anything is possible. But again, I believe that we have become so reliant on outside sources to dictate which chip, video card or even hard drive is the one we should be seeking, that vendors/manufacturers have become completely oblivious as to how confusing their branding and naming schemes really can be to some individuals. Again, have I gone off the deep end here? Inquiring minds want to know.

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