Even though we may make a lot of jokes at the expense of PowerPoint, the truth is that slide show presentations are still just as important as ever as long as they’re informative and engaging. In fact, the people who take the greatest number of cheap shots at PowerPoint are sometimes the very ones who rely on it the most. Slide show presentations aren’t going away anytime soon, but the way in which they’re presented and shared is evolving. A presentation in this format is traditionally given live and in person in front of a group of people, but with online services such as SlideBurner, presentations can also be an online affair.

Once you’ve created your PowerPoint or OpenOffice.org presentation, using SlideBurner is as simple as uploading your presentation and selecting who can see it (public or private). As soon as the presentation is in the system, you can then navigate through it using their online interface that resembles YouTube. All of the associated social aspects of rating, commenting, sharing, and embedding are also included. If you decide to place your presentations online and let others view them in this way, then you may actually forget how to present your presentations, but that’s a problem for another day.

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