Well, it’s a start. And even though I agree with Dell targeting “advanced users,” I would point out that if one was to purchase supported hardware offered by Dell directly, this would actually make it easier than Windows, but whatever. I would also point out that someone is afraid of getting burned as you will not find any notice about the Ubuntu release short of “Googling” for it.

With all of this said, I would go so far as to say that both Windows and the various Linux distros tick me off equally. Different reasons, but issues are going to happen; more often user related due to boneheaded mistakes (I make them often).

All right, so how does one locate a Dell computer running Ubuntu should they wish to go this route? Why, you must first know what to look for, then you are forced to use the search box at the top of the page. Because Dell is currently targeting people who are already using Linux, but looking for better hardware support, I cannot really gripe too much here. Despite my pounding headache right now, I am thrilled to see this as a step forward. Better than the “workstations” of the past running with the “no-OS” options that were once passed off to us.

But what happens next depends on the sales the company sees. If anyone wishes to see Dell Ubuntu boxes being promoted, then they have to translate into solid sales in order to justify the marketing dollars. Unfortunately, because these boxes are not being promoted outside of the free advertising through articles like this one, Dell has again managed to appease anyone that might have a competing operating system, even if this was not their intention. At the end of the day – who cares, at least they are finally offering a (viable) choice with the operating systems, even if it is still up to the fans to get the words out.

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