I thought this was a new and novel approach from ZDNet’s David Berlind, offering a contest to let people compete for product testing duties. According to David there are more products to test than the team at ZDNet has time for, So it is offering a way for the public to participate in playing with some of the new toys that are sent its way. The basics of the program are:

As promised, this week, we’re giving away three copies of the product that’s kicking our program off. That product is Balesio GmbH’s PPTMinimizer 3.0. It’s normally 30 bucks and it’s not a crippled version.I have three copies here ready to send to the three lucky ZDNet readers who can tell us why they think they’re the most qualified to receive them.

The rules of the contest seem fairly basic. You just write why you want to be a tester and a group of folk at ZDNet select the ones that they think may be the most suitable to test the product. Read the small print in the agreement. Not that there is not anything in the agreement that should concern you, but be aware that on any prize over $600 the feds are notified. 🙂

So if you are interested in trying new toys, just jump on over to here for full details and rules.

Comments welcome.

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